About us

Founded in 1992 and now managed by Magnús and Kjartan, father and son, MK Car Rental specializes in well-equipped and well-maintained 4x4 campers, suited to exploring Iceland in detail. 

Magnús founded the company out of passion for travelling in a camper through Iceland, seeing in that the perfect way to experience nature with greater comfort than in a tent. Raised on a farm, he was endowed with a spirited vision of nature. Running a car rental has provided an avenue to pursue his interest in cars further. Same goes for his son, Kjartan, who started working with his father in the summers when he was 15 years old, gradually taking on more responsibility. Today, they manage and run the company together in good spirits.

Company information:
M.K. bílaleiga ehf.
Registered address: Látraströnd 54, 170 Seltjarnarnes
Main station: Bogatröð 32, 235 Keflavík
Government ID: 640 502 4440
Tel: +354 888 4740 (No sales calls, and calls may be recorded)